De Haagse Hogeschool / The Hague University of Applied Sciences

International Business Management Studies (B.A.Sc)

September 2010 – July 2015

During the Bachelor of International Business & Management Studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences – A full-time and English-language bachelor’s programme – I covered a series of subjects that relate to business management. These subjects can be broken down into five different areas:

Marketing and research

Marketing and Research revolved mainly about developing and launching products. This included research on relevant sales markets, consumers, competitors and various qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Finance and business analysis

Finance and business Analysis is about day-to-day activities which are involved when managing an organisation: raising capital, investing and analyzing cost items in a large company. You also learn to interpret the financial figures of an organisation and devise strategies for improvement. According to the schools website, this requires a high level of analytical ability.

Business communication

Business Communications revolved around being able to explain ideas clearly to any audience. As part of the programme, I trained my English, my communication skills and my English communication skills. I also opted to follow a second foreign language in the form of the minor Spanish Business Communications.

Business Environment

Business Environment revolves around the problems that international organisations face. Subjects include micro and macro-economics, international law, international economic relations, and logistics. This includes soft skills, such as understanding and managing employees effectively and hard skills, such as mathematics and statistics.

Development and learning skills

The fifth area, development and learning skills, revolved around time- and study planning. This included courses on intercultural awareness and management skills specialized for an international environment. IBMS gave me an insight into the high-flying international business world, the international lifestyle and all there is to know about economics, business, marketing, finance and management together with fellow students from all around the world. 

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business School

Business Management, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship

January 2012 – June 2012 

During my exchange at the Niels Brock Copenhagen Business School, in accordance with the IBMS Study programme, I followed courses in entrepreneurship, marketing, strategic management and research methods. Similar to the main IBMS programme, this exchange was centered around an international environment. For five months, I worked closely together with students from several countries, learning about all the differences and similarities between cultures in the process.