Author: Hawkmoth

Raspberry Pi – Security Camera

I’m the proud owner of several Raspberry Pi’s. I got them some while ago to learn more about IoT and Home Automation, as I think it would be incredibly neat to have a house that’s entirely self-operated. Since I moved in my new appartment I’ve been eagerly planning a bunch of projects that involve IoT.…
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May 10, 2018 0

Scrum & KPI’s

I’m amazed by the amount of Scrum Masters online who say that KPI’s have no place in Scrum. And even worse, the few Scrum Masters (or old-school managers) that do believe that KPI’s have a role in Scrum but use Agile-based metrics that would result in an incredibly skewed perception of the entire process. Words…
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January 4, 2018 0

CI/CD = Cultuur?

In de laatste twee jaar heb ik tientallen mensen gesproken over CI/CD. Ik vind het dan altijd leuk om toch even te vragen: Wat is voor jou de definitie van CI/CD? De antwoorden verschillen gigantisch. Vaak zijn het complexe antwoorden waar gesproken word over een CI/CD-cultuur. Bij dat soort antwoorden krijg ik dan altijd een beetje…
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January 2, 2018 0

Project Update

Currently I’m working on a Project that tries to link every course I follow via Udemy. This has lead to the following architecture: The Host machines runs Vagrant for easy provisioning – and Ansible, for a quick initial config. The control machine in the second layer contains all the ansible-playbooks for the third layer. The…
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December 4, 2017 0

My Own CI/CD Pipeline

As as experiment I’ve created my own CI/CD pipeline based on Jenkins. Right now all it does is poll for changes in the public Gitlab repository every minute. If it detects a change, it will download the changes and run ANT for testing (via Junit & Checkstyle) The goal was to add a Tomcat server…
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November 27, 2017 0

Value Chains

Ieder bedrijf heeft een value chain. De value chain een verzameling van activiteiten is die een organisatie uitvoert om waarde te creëren voor de klant. Waarde is een abstract concept dat zich vrij vertaald naar “Dát wil ik hebben”. Om deze value chain te optimaliseren is het van belang dat een bedrijf goed kijkt naar…
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November 24, 2017 0

Projecten kiezen

Leuk, al die energie om dingen aan te pakken en verbeteringen door te voeren. Door jezelf op die manier te presenteren zul je wel direct ondervinden hoe de rest van de organisatie over je plannen denkt. Ik vermoed dat dit meestal niet zo positief is. Verbeterwerk is namelijk non-productief werk. Je maakt er geen producten…
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November 23, 2017 0

Mastering Ansible

Today I’d like to write a bit about a more technical topic, namely Ansible. Ansible is a ‘simple’ way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. It combines Application Deployment, Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery into one neat little package. I first started working with it at NN, during my time in the API NN Ext.…
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November 18, 2017 0

Agile Coaching

Today I want to write a bit about Agility in Business. During the last few years I’ve experienced various mature and immature forms of it and it always stood out to me how people perceived what it meant to be “Agile”. To start off, agility is just a type of value supply chain. I’ve explained this…
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October 25, 2017 0

Lean + Agile = Devops

After this post you will know: Two types of supply chains Difference between Lean & Agile DevOps Basics   Before we start our journey of understanding DevOps, we first need to take a few steps back. We need to do this because DevOps is a part of a larger field of knowledge called Supply Chain Management.…
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October 19, 2017 0