My Own CI/CD Pipeline

My Own CI/CD Pipeline

November 27, 2017 CI/CD 0

As as experiment I’ve created my own CI/CD pipeline based on Jenkins. Right now all it does is poll for changes in the public Gitlab repository every minute. If it detects a change, it will download the changes and run ANT for testing (via Junit & Checkstyle)

The goal was to add a Tomcat server in order to complete the Continuous Deployment part of this project. However, I’m thinking of changing the project to provision virtual environments via Vagrant. Then I can use Jenkins to make Ansible perform any configurations via the Jenkins pipeline in order to create an application w/ database, loadbalancer & two webservers. I can then install Tomcat on these two servers and that way I have an application with loadbalancer ready to go.

Based on:

  • Jenkins
  • ANT
    • Junit
    • Checkstyle
  • Git
  • Gitlab
  • Atom