Who am I?

Welcome to my online resume.

Autonomous, Goal oriented, Network-thinking Autodidact.

Hi. My name is Wouter van Leeuwen. I’m a young and upcoming tech-enthusiast that it furiously trying to change the way people think about business, the future and technology in general.

My current responsibilities within NN/Cloud Hosting & Services revolve around IT-projects in a classic corporate business-environment. Every day, I advocated for a mindset that played the rules of the corporate culture, in order to break out of the bureaucracy of big business. I do this by challenging the behaviors, beliefs and mindset of the people I work with.

I try to break with what people find familiar with and to introduce a high-energy model of cooperation based on bottom-up innovation, a respect for craftsmanship, agility and equal responsibility. Currently, I’m interested in researching possibilities to guide the cultural shifts towards the Hacker-culture that is desired at NN.

In my dreams about the future, I see myself involved with entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s the deep dive into the great unknown which excites me – this youthful enthusiasm combined with my need for positive disruption will give your company the boost you’re looking for.

Me and my Colleagues from NN Group @ CodeMotion 2017 Amsterdam