Who am I?

Welcome to my online resume.

Young, eager, energetic. As a young and upcoming agile enthusiast I try to change the way people think about doing business, especially in a corporate environment.

My current job is to manage IT-projects in the corporate business-environment. While doing this, I try to bend the rules – or should I say, play the rules – in order to break out of the bureaucracy of big business. I do this by challenging the ways people work together – to try to break with what people are familiar with and to introduce a high-energy model of cooperation based on bottom-up innovation and equal responsibility, based on Agile principles

During my work, I try to maintain an overview of existing problems for departments I have to work with frequently. It is my firm belief that by enabling the departments around me to work better, I will get better and faster results in the organization. Even though its technically ‘not my responsibility’ I dislike that sentence and try to think what’s best for the organization, before I think about responsibilities.

Between these two main activities, the rest of my time involves connecting diverse areas of business that normally wouldn’t meet. I like to network, meet people and discover new paths to the solution. To be a force of positive disruption. To solve, rather than plan, ponder, design and discuss endlessly.

In my dreams about the future, I see myself involved with entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s the deep dive into the great unknown which excites me – this youthful enthusiasm combined with my need for positive disruption will give your company the boost you’re looking for.


My current main focuses involve:

  • Corporate Business Intelligence
  • IT Process Improvement
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Narrowcasting
  • Improving cooperation within the organization
  • Networking within the organization.